Jackie Fleming

Senior Marketing Manager, North America

Jackie Fleming has over 12 years experience working in sustainability, focusing on sustainability education prior to joining Anthesis as North America Marketing Manager.

As Marketing Manager, Jackie collaborates with service areas across the business to plan and implement thought leadership initiatives. In addition, Jackie manages Anthesis Client Network, an online portal for Anthesis clients, partners and related groups for the purpose of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Jackie has overseen the development and management of Anthesis Client Network from its initial conception. She has helped to personally onboard nearly 300 users, provides training and workshops for the platform, and oversees strategy and the software development roadmap.

Prior to Anthesis, Jackie directed programs in environmental education. Holding senior roles culminating with Associate Director of a sustainability program, Jackie has trained and managed teams, overseen program implementation and evaluation, and led program marketing and communications.

Jackie holds an MBA focused in sustainable business and marketing from the University of Colorado, Boulder.