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John Galloway

Associate Director

John manages projects that develop science-based targets, net zero carbon emissions strategies, and greenhouse gas inventories for our clients. His expertise includes carbon accounting and operational reduction strategies, carbon markets, climate action plans, renewable energy policy and procurement strategy, electric utility interconnection, solar electric technology selection and feasibility studies, and technical evaluation of biofuels and electrification in corporate transportation and travel.

John has over 21 years’ experience designing, developing, and leading cutting-edge sustainability and clean energy programs. He has worked with clients and for organizations in industry sectors ranging across information technology, energy utilities, aviation, healthcare, semiconductor and medical device manufacturing, transportation, renewable energy, waste management, and museums and hospitality. He has also worked in environmental advocacy organizations, two branches of the U.S. military, and government agencies at all levels. In his first career role as a senior policy analyst, he co-created California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard (mandating utilities increase their renewable energy procurement) and a long-running and first-in-class incentive program for distributed energy resources (“self-generation”) that has awarded almost US$2 billion for clean energy projects.

John holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and a MS in Energy and Resources from University of California, Berkeley. He enjoys travel, learning unique instruments, cooking, practicing a bodywork method and instructing classes and workshops, hiking, biking, backpacking, and being at the ocean. He is based in Oakland, California.