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Streamlined Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) Tools and Green Design

November 30, 2017 | Guidance,

With the main environmental and social impacts of their products and activities usually embedded in their supply chains, businesses cannot significantly improve their sustainability without improving their products and packaging.

Streamlined Lifecycle Assessments

Carrying out lifecycle assessments (LCAs) is a time and cost-intensive task. Current LCA tools are challenging to use early in a product design process – a time when key decisions are being made. For this reason, businesses are simplifying this process by using a more strategic form of LCA known as ‘Streamlined LCA’.

This is a solution which:

  • Identifies and focuses in on the main impacts in relation to a product or process, and allows key issues to be explored in more detail where necessary.
  • Provides an agile and cost-effective alternative.
  • Uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches to evaluate impacts.
  • Allows the user to “design out” the main impacts of a product through the lifecycle.

Is Streamlined LCA Right for You?

Our experience tells us that companies can benefit from the streamlined LCA approach in many instances, including if business are:

  • Want actionable and accessible information from your LCAs
  • Perform multiple LCAs
  • Have numerous product lines
  • Have complex products
  • Think in terms of business KPIs like “zero waste” and “zero virgin fibre” that go beyond carbon and the scope of traditional LCA tools
  • Are concerned about your scope three sustainability
  • Want to improve the sustainability of your packaging.

Our experience

We have helped a number of large, global companies deploy Streamlined LCA solutions as a core backbone underpinning their sustainability strategies, by enabling discretional access and manipulation rights. Our support has enabled companies to do 3-5 times as many Streamlined LCAs for the budget of a single LCA, and in significantly less time

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