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Brand Experience Design

Designing experiences to captivate audiences

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Anthesis helps brands design experiences which bring purpose to life, delight customers and earn loyalty.

Every brand has a role they want to play in the world – but shaping purpose into a seamless and authentic brand experience is difficult. How do you create a holistic user experience that is valuable, memorable and impactful?

Anthesis helps brands design experiences which bring purpose to life, delight customers and earn loyalty. We do this by developing a rich and insightful view of customer needs, connecting these needs with your brand’s purpose and impact, and creatively expressing these across touchpoints and journeys.

Our Brand Experience Design services

  • Creating journey maps to understand every aspect of the customer journey and brand experience.
  • Benchmarking the experience against proven and powerful brand experiences from peer organisations.
  • Conducting qualitative research (in-person or online) with key audiences, to understand their overall experience and identify high impact issues and opportunities.
  • Developing creative ideas and concepts to address issues and unlock opportunities.
  • Bringing ideas to life, and refining them using feedback from customers and the client.
  • Piloting the redesigned brand experience to understand where it can be improved before wider roll-out.

Creating holistic brand design experiences for your audience can help you stand out amongst your peers and competitors.

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