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Brand Purpose and Positioning

Integrating brand strategy with technical and operational expertise to shape purposeful brands with substance

Refined over twenty years, our process combines rigorous insight, strategic clarity and radical pragmatism at each stage, to guide you all the way from an initial question to a working solution.

Great brands are powerful ideas that organise businesses, inspire people and drive value.

In a world of ever growing expectations, brands rooted in purpose and impact have a structural advantage: their commitment to creating shared value earns them secure license to operate, attracts the best talent, uncovers differentiated innovation opportunities, and builds authentic, loyal customer relationships. But this means much more than lofty words and superficial communications. It takes deep contextual insight, imaginative brand strategies, and disciplined, systematic execution to get it right.

Our Brand Purpose and Positioning services:

Anthesis’ unique model integrates world-class brand strategy with technical and operational expertise to shape purposeful brands with substance. We can help you:

  • Build an inspiring and differentiated understanding of your business, market opportunity and long-term needs and expectations of your stakeholders.
  • Develop brand purpose, positioning and proposition strategies that leverage your sustainability investments and uncover shared value opportunities.
  • Creatively align and evolve your organisation, innovation and communications to deliver on purpose and unlock sustainable performance.
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You helped us answer the biggest challenge: understanding what social value creation really means, and how it is meaningfully delivered and measured.


You helped our brand find its transformational purpose.


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