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Carbon Literacy Training

CLT CTWhat is Carbon Literacy?
Carbon Literacy is the awareness of carbon costs and climate change impacts of everyday activities. The training provides you with the knowledge, capacity, and motivation required to create a positive shift to catalyse action to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.


Reducing emissions relies on every single person in an organisation being aware of the carbon impacts of their choices, and feeling motivated and supported to take action. If we are to cut our carbon emissions by the kind of reductions demanded of us by science, then we will need to change culture alongside technology.

Anthesis is an accredited trainer of the internationally recognised Carbon Literacy Project; a globally unique qualification recognised by the UN at COP21. Carbon Literacy training provides organisations with an awareness of the climate-related costs and impacts of their activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Being carbon literate equips you with new insights and tools to build resilience and take advantage of the growth opportunities presented by a net zero carbon future.

Services Offered

Anthesis supports clients to understand the science and business importance behind a transition to a sustainable future by empowering them with the knowledge and tools to make impactful change. Clients will come away with a greater appreciation of the material risks, impacts and opportunities climate change presents, and the tools to create an action plan to move forward:

  • how climate change is impacting us now and in the future
  • how to find and use information to explain climate change
  • an awareness of the climate related costs and impacts of organisational activities and procurement practices
  • empowering management teams with the knowledge and tools to make impactful change
  • ability and motivation to effect positive change and ultimately reduce carbon emissions
  • how to navigate the decisive decade and find growth opportunities through sustainability
  • how to encourage culture change and align continuous professional development to sustainability

The engaging and interactive training allows delegates to map their own carbon footprint and gain an understanding and motivation to reduce personal and work-place emissions.

Carbon Literacy Training for Palatine Private Equity

Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability
Episode 22: Building sustainable businesses through Carbon Literacy training

In this podcast episode, Anthesis hosts are joined by ESG Director from Palatine Private Equity, Steph Wall for an episode all about the successful roll out of Carbon Literacy training across Palatine’s entire portfolio of companies. The one day course has empowered their management teams with the knowledge and tools to take advantage of the growth opportunities presented by a net zero carbon future.

Listen Now

Ensuring that both we at Palatine and our portfolio businesses are Carbon Literate is another step in our commitment to generate positive ESG impact, affect change and build sustainable businesses

Steph Wall
ESG Director at Palatine

Who is this for?

Carbon literacy is relevant to everyone.

Whether you are members of the C-suite looking to gain a better handle on your own sustainability responsibilities, an individual looking to reduce your own impact, or an investor looking to take ownership and support portfolio companies, this training is for you. Anthesis can support and bring together bespoke groups for this training with stakeholder groups spanning across all organisations.


Why choose Anthesis as your Carbon Literacy Trainer?

Anthesis is one of the Carbon Literacy Project’s accredited delivery partners. We have a track record of working to enact sustainable performance in workplaces, supply chains, educational institutions, public services, and communities. We understand the corporate world and the challenges that our clients face when tackling modern sustainability criteria. We guide our trainees to better understand the reality and impacts of sustainability issues and further highlight solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow. We align our training to be relevant to each client and have experience training in a broad variety of sectors across the globe.


Research has shown that typical carbon savings of between 5-15% can be achieved for each person who becomes Carbon Literate.

Why Bother?

A Carbon Literate organisation will typically experience:

  • a decreased in energy and resource consumption
  • improved organisational profile
  • healthier and happier staff & a healthier working environment
  • a safer supply chain
  • lower variable costs
  • enhanced competitiveness
  • reduced commercial risk
  • improved resilience

Carbon Literate accreditation also demonstrates an organisation’s corporate social responsibility in the clearest possible way. Research has also highlighted the positive ‘cascade effect’ of the training on family, friends and colleagues. This training can also support your organisation with modern compliance requirements, such as TCFD, as well as to help protect and enhance future operations and opportunities within your business.

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