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Company Mobility Plans

Improving mobility as part of a sustainability business plan


We have conducted over 40 mobility plans, affecting the mobility of more than 40,000 workers and around 40 million citizens.

Considering sustainability, carbon and footprint emissions, efficiency and safety when improving mobility is crucial to enhancing business strategy and the quality of our environment in the fight against climate change and air pollution.

Anthesis are experts in business and municipal mobility. We accompany organisations and cities in the design and implementation of policies, plans and actions for sustainable and safe mobility.

How we develop a company mobility plan

  • Analysing and diagnosing existing scenarios through mobility studies of work centres, business parks, high affection areas, new urban developments and cities.
  • Defining objectives and strategy and producing corporate sustainable mobility plans or urban sustainable mobility plans.
  • Proposing actions that reduce costs and emissions and improve safety and corporate social responsibility.
  • Suggestions on how progress is monitored and managed.

Taking action now will help you stay a step ahead of future policies and regulations to limit carbon emissions and reduce congestion.

Find out how to neutralise your carbon emissions and reduce congestion


The development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) generates many challenges and needs to explore new needs. The experience of Anthesis Lavola in the strategic analysis and organisation of co-creation workshops has allowed us to advance in the development of MaaS applied to work mobility.

Ignacio Ramos Soriano
Communication and Consulting Department, EMT Madrid
EMT Madrid

Anthesis Lavola were our main partners in the conception, writing, coordination and participation of the Mobility Master Plan for the metropolitan area of Barcelona. It was a very successful and collaborative experience.

Lluís Alegre
Director of Mobility, AMT Barcelona
ATM Barcelona

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