Extended Producer Responsibility

What are the benefits of improved product stewardship?

  • New markets, products and services
  • Greater profile
  • Improved business resilience
  • Opportunities to make savings and efficiencies

Product sustainability is an increasingly mainstream business requirement. Aside from the legislative and regulatory concerns, ignoring the provenance of components and materials, the management of toxic and harmful substances and the sustainability impacts of consumption, disposal and recovery, can lead to significant business risks.

Anthesis is strategically positioned in key markets across the value chain to meet the specific needs of multiple industries. Our expertise in extended producer responsibility, sometimes known as product stewardship, can be split into three main sections – compliance, implementation and thought leadership.

  • Compliance – including responsible sourcing, restricted substances and takeback services.
  • Implementation – developing innovative and disruptive business models, managing business process outsourcing and integrating software and systems.
  • Thought leadership – providing analytics and reporting, research and develop and strategic communications.

Our compliance services ensure products meet global regulations and define clear strategies to achieve set standards.


Anthesis has a solid track record of contributing meaningfully to the advancement of the 'resource management' sector through the work it delivers for governments, businesses and other high profile clients.

Paul Vanston


Lisa Grice
Executive Director, North America
Debbie Hitchen
Director, UK
Helen Kean
Technical Director, UK
Claudia Amos
Technical Director, UK
Berta Mota
Circular Economy Manager, Anthesis Lavola
Jason Gooden
Executive Director and Information Solutions Lead, North America

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