Waste Sector Commercial Due Diligence

Global Commercial Due Diligence Services for Waste Sustainability

Anthesis can support with commercial due diligence for the full range of waste infrastructure, including:

  • Material separation, sorting, and preparation facilities
  • Dry recyclables recycling, including mechanical and advanced plastics recycling processes
  • Mechanical biological treatment
  • Biological waste treatment (anaerobic digestion, composting)
  • Energy from waste processes (incineration, gasification, pyrolysis)
  • Biochar production (carbonisation, pyrolysis)
  • Carbon capture technologies

We recognise that projects in the waste infrastructure, renewables and circular economy sector come with their own distinct risk profiles. These can be mapped across the project’s waste input, process technology and associated infrastructure, and waste output stages.

Appropriate due diligence is an essential assurance that provides businesses with the confidence that proposed investments will support business plans and deliver the expected returns. Therefore, the commercial due diligence process needs specialist expertise and reliable information to provide an informed assessment. This allows investors, waste management companies, and developers to understand the risk and opportunities, put a value on them, make the right decisions, and identify mitigation and ‘added value’ strategies.

Waste Due Diligence Guidance

Anthesis understands the process, pace, and language of transactions. Our balance of market and commercial understanding combined with waste technology expertise means that we are uniquely positioned to identify the key risks and material issues associated with waste projects, feedstock or output product liabilities or those related to the environment, social issues or governance. We can also evaluate the upsides and opportunities for waste infrastructure to contribute to the circular economy.

The Anthesis waste commercial due diligence team combines global expertise alongside local and regional knowledge on waste markets, data, operations and infrastructure, waste regulation and compliance, and waste technologies. Our expertise in international supply chains in the retail and grocery, packaging and textile sectors provides us with a unique insight into recycling and recyclates claims, product standards and carbon accreditation, as well as material and product performance. This enables us to provide expert guidance on an investment’s commercial proposition.

Our commercial waste due diligence service is based on existing waste market information, databases of existing and new plants for competition analysis, as well as detailed international waste and market pricing information for gate fee modelling and output pricing analysis.

EFW bio power plant

Anthesis provided commercial due diligence for the construction of one of the UK’s biggest energy-from-waste gasification plants. The new plant will be able to process 240,000 tonnes of waste per year. When fully operational, the facility will be able to produce around 200 gWh of electricity annually – enough to power over 50,000 homes.

As a commercial waste due diligence advisor, we provide:

  • A balance of market knowledge, commercial understanding, and waste technology expertise
Global knowledge
  • Global and local knowledge of waste markets, from competitive infrastructure to regulations and incentives
Supply Chain Knowledge
  • An in-depth understanding of the complexities of international supply chains and secondary commodity markets
Commercial due diligence experience
  • The experience of providing commercial due diligence support to over 50 waste, renewable, and circular economy infrastructure projects
Tech enabled solutions
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the ESG and carbon impact of waste infrastructure portfolios
Recycling Engineer

Our Waste Due Diligence Services

Anthesis provides waste due diligence guidance to investors, developers, operators and multinational institutions, with deep commercial expertise of waste treatment and renewable energy technologies, policy insight, and extensive knowledge in the waste management and clean technology sectors.

  • Pre-deal screening – We provide market assessment, investment opportunity screening, and competitor benchmarking. Anthesis can support you with an introduction to funders or identifying funds focussed on waste infrastructure and the circular economy.
  • In-deal evaluation – including red flag and detailed due diligence reporting. With access to subject matter expertise, our global waste experts and ESG team can deliver targeted waste commercial due diligence support for greenfield projects, mergers and acquisitions of waste infrastructure assets, and waste management portfolios.
  • Post-deal implementation – We build out opportunities, grow value propositions, and mitigate risk, resulting in improved portfolio performance. We can also support with monitoring performance, reporting to key stakeholders, and evaluating energy and carbon reduction measures.
  • Exit – We can help you to capitalise on existing performance and expansion plans and deliver and realise value through the exit process. We support you to demonstrate the added value, planned projects, and ESG and contracting performance through a ready-made vendor pack with supporting waste feedstock and output market studies.

Anthesis’ Commercial Waste Due Diligence Checklist and Services

Waste source and reverse value chain
Economic risk analysis
Analysis of feedstock security and revenue/costs
Waste processing technology, process, yields, direct and indirect competition, regulatory impacts
Evaluation of output revenues, market access and residue costs
Strategic Business Support
Alternative market assessment and route to market planning
Technology and supplier screening, analysis of regulatory drivers and opportunities
Evaluation of output market opportunities
Recycled products, secondary commodities and energy for a circular supply chain


We chose to work with Anthesis, who from the start have demonstrated their ability to manage complex and moving workstreams and their expertise in advanced recycling technology processes, waste management infrastructure, and data analysis and visualization. We value their thought partnership and are continually impressed with the depth and detail in their work and presentations.

Paula N. Luu
Project Director, Center for the Circular Economy
Closed Loop Partners

The supply chain report produced by Anthesis was a key element of the success of the initial public offering (IPO) of In The Style. The report ensured investor confidence in ITS and set out a clear roadmap to guide progress.


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