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Anthesis Announce Strategic Partnership with Wild Waters Ventures

May 21, 2018 | News,

Anthesis is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Wild Water Ventures. We look forward to supporting them in their ambitions to meet the most advanced sustainability standards as they reboot the Frisia mineral water operations and in the launch of their new premium brand, St Moritz.

Wild Waters Ventures announces 20 mio Euro investment into sustainable reboot of Frisia mineral water operations and the launch of a new premium water brand to benamed St Moritz.

About 7 million views were recorded by Wild Waters Ventures (WWV)’s press department within 48 hours further to the announcement, relayed by the media on May 9, that WWV has invested in the Frisia spring operations in Piuro, near Chiavenna in northern Italy. The company is issuing a further announcement about its plans.

WWV is a Paris based company, with operating management to be headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. The company is set up to acquire mineral water springs around the world with a view to operate them in a sustainable manner for all its stakeholders and complying with the B-Corp principles.

With the acquisition of Frisia last week, WWV has achieved an important milestone in the execution of its strategy; the Frisia group of springs include the Frisia, Bernina and Acqua degli Angeli springs. Volume wise, these sources together represent over 3 billion liters of annual flow which makes it one of the highest volume quality water sources in the Alpine region. In terms of purity WWV’s waters at the Frisia springs are significantly better than most other premium mineral water brands and are able to be endorsed as appropriate for new born babies as well as all other ages.

WWV will invest 20 mio Euros in the next 12 months to bring the bottling operations in Frisia back to full capacity and in compliance with the most advanced sustainability standards, re-launch the much loved Frisia brand and launch a new premium international brand of water.

In the first phase the company is dedicated to working with local stakeholders in Sondrio Province of northern Italy to bring back the Frisia brand. An official spokesperson of WWV said, “we are already in advanced conversations with wholesalers and distributors about the imminent relaunch of the much loved Frisia brand, known for its high level of water purity compared with other brands from the Alpine regions. We have been overwhelmed by the support of local authorities, former employees of Frisia and others who want to restore the business to its historical levels of production; especially, we want to thank AssoImprese for its tremendous contribution in this first transaction. We will be selling bottles of Frisia water in Italy again by October of this year”.

In addition, the company has also announced a new agreement with the Kur- und Verkehrsverein (KVV) to launch a new brand of premium water from the springs, which form part of the Bernina glacier system that links northern Italy and the Swiss Alps. Mr Yves Gardiol, the Chairman of KVV said, “We are delighted to be working with Wild Waters Ventures. The company shares our vision of offering high quality sustainable products under the St Moritz® and Top of the World® trademarks”. (KVV is owner and custodian of the trademarks St. Moritz and Top of the World).

The St Moritz water will come directly and exclusively from WWV’s exceptionally pure Bernina springs and will be distributed world wide by WWV.

Finally, WWV also announced today a strategic partnership with leading global sustainability firm, Anthesis, based in London. Anthesis CEO Stuart McLachlan said, “At Anthesis we are committed to working with companies that want to lead the way in terms of achieving the dual objectives of driving their bottom line and delivering a positive impact on the environment and wider society. We want to recognize the ambition of Wild Waters Ventures to deliver a positive impact through its business and brands, and we will be helping by creating an impact framework and measuring progress towards that ambition.

WWV Board Member Mr Jonathan Fackelmayer, stated “Our investors know that water is an increasingly compelling area to invest in, given the finite volumes available and the growth in global populations. Water is the mother of all raw materials. We believe that the most attractive investment opportunities will only be in companies with a commitment to sustainable water stewardship as the basis for strong financial returns and we are finding that this message resonates well with the interests of both private and institutional investors.”

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