Wise Women in Waste Podcast Series

March 8, 2021 | Podcast,
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Introducing the new Anthesis Wise Women in Waste podcast series.

Join your hosts, Claudia Amos and Debbie Hitchen, as they explore the changing landscape of the waste, resources and circularity sector.

Through a series of informal conversations, they will touch upon a range of topics informed by current affairs, trends and global developments, looking at them through the lens of women.

Meet their guests as they share their journey, experiences, and insights into innovations, trends, and the role of women in shaping the future of the industry during the decisive decade.

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Episode 1 | Introduction to the Sector

In the first episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, we hear from Claudia Amos and Debbie Hitchen as they share their experiences within the waste, resources and recycling industry.

Discussion highlights include:

  • The role of the media and consumer awareness in driving changes in product sustainability and the waste sector
  • The evolution of common language used in the sector, tracking the move from waste to materials, resources and circularity
  • The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on waste arisings and recycling
  • New and exciting opportunities for women in business

Episode 2 | Simone Aplin: Waste Operations & Policy

In the second episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, our podcast hosts are joined by Simone Aplin, Technical Director for Circularity, Waste Data and Waste Crime at Anthesis, for a look back over her 20-year career and forwards to opportunities for the resource and waste management sector during the decisive decade.

Discussion highlights include:

  • Policy reform in the next ten years, including Extended Producer Responsibility and the European Green Deal
  • The role of voluntary commitments in delivering better circularity globally
  • Waste data and transparency tracking
  • Female pioneers and role models influencing the sector

Episode 3 | Susan Harris: Aligning the Circular Economy with the Net Zero and Climate Agenda

Our hosts, Debbie Hitchen and Claudia Amos are joined by Susan Harris, Technical Director for Circular Economy at Anthesis Group. This episode will delve into Susan’s international career journey in the sustainability industry and her insights into the circular economy across different sectors from a global perspective.

Discussion highlights include:

  • Circularity and Net Zero – the importance of having robust ways to quantify circular economy opportunities and the need to align agendas
  • The connection between waste, energy and climate
  • The future for reuse, repair and the sharing economy
  • The role of businesses in delivering diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) through leadership

Episode 4 | Floor Uitterhoeve: Waste and Packaging Strategies at McDonald’s

In the fourth episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, our podcast hosts are joined by, Floor Uitterhoeve, Global Sustainability Manager at McDonald’s, based in the Netherlands. This episode will look back on Floor’s background in environmental politics and how that set a foundation for her career journey in the food and beverage industry.

Discussion highlights include:

  • McDonald’s approach to circularity and the importance of packaging and waste in its sustainability strategy
  • How the pandemic has disrupted the sustainability strategies of McDonald’s
  • Driving packaging strategies on both a global and local level

Episode 5 | Donna Stimson: Driving Behaviour Change for Net Zero in Local Communities

In the fifth episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, our podcast hosts are joined by Councillor Donna Stimson of The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. The episode looks at Donna’s background in sustainability and her perspective on waste and resource efficiency as a councillor for a local community.

Discussion highlights include:

  • How councils can drive behaviour change around climate change and waste strategies
  • How children and communities are creating an impact around recycling and plastics
  • The rise in grassroots initiatives, such as zero waste shops and repair cafes

Episode 6 |Emma Hampsey: Exploring early careers in the waste and resource industry

In the sixth episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, our podcast hosts are joined by Emma Hampsey, Consultant in Anthesis’ Sustainable Production and Consumption team. This episode will explore Emma’s early career development at Anthesis, her background in marine biology and the work she has been involved with in circular economy.

Discussion highlights include:

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