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Danielle Schwab

Principal Consultant

Danielle Schwab is a Principal Consultant at Anthesis North America where she supports companies in reaching their sustainability goals through engagement with suppliers. In this role, she specializes in capacity building to achieve GHG emission reduction strategies.  She is a food systems expert with a background in global trade and economics. Danielle’s expertise is focused on bringing transparency to supply chains and helping companies navigate their internal teams and processes to map out complex global supply chains.

Danielle’s diverse experience includes anti-counterfeits, global tax, commodity trading, and strengthening local food systems. Prior to Anthesis, Danielle built and ran her own company, Illuminate Food, with a mission to educate consumers about commodity vs. local food and promote farmer-consumer connections for a more sustainable food system.

Danielle has a master’s in economics with a focus on global trade from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and an undergraduate degree from Bard College.