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Q&A: Getting Started on Your Net Zero Journey

29 Jun 2022 | Event, Webinar,

Watch now to discover:

  • How having Carbon Literacy certified employees will positively impact your organisation
  • Demystifying some common terms such as Net Zero terms, and exploring challenges
  • Practical actions to get started on your Net Zero journey

Webinar Recording

The Carbon Literacy Project and Anthesis Q&A session on how to get started on your Net Zero journey.

As society as a whole navigates the move to Net Zero, and consumers demand change, there is more pressure than ever for organisations to rethink the way they operate. As the regulatory landscape rapidly evolves, it can often be confusing for businesses to get to grips with what needs to be done.

Employee advocacy can prove crucial in creating the company-wide behaviour change needed to reach Net Zero. Advocacy starts with interest and understanding, which is where Carbon Literacy training comes in.

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