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Supporting organisations to understand, disclose and communicate ESG progress and metrics
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Navigating the complex landscape of ESG reporting can be challenging, with evolving regulations and increasing demands for transparency. Whether you are new to sustainability or a seasoned professional, sustainability reporting can be time-consuming, complicated, and expensive. We offer pragmatic, simple sustainability reporting solutions and a wide range of services to help you plan, write, design and promote your report and ensure you get the most value from your ESG reporting process.

From the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) to climate disclosure requirements from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), these regulatory frameworks all create a more demanding environment for both financial and non-financial reporting. More than ever, comparability, auditability and quality of disclosures will play a crucial role in informing stakeholders about progress on material sustainability priorities.

We look beyond the basics and help organisations adapt to the new era through:

  • Assurance-ready compliance –  We help you to understand and meet your regulatory obligations in a way that is assurance-ready where necessary, and future-proofed where possible.
  • Deep subject matter expertise –  We bring to bear our globally unique breadth and depth of expertise in ESG topics to help address the impacts, risks and opportunities that matter to you.
  • Durable, repeatable systems – We help you to identify and integrate new processes and digital systems, for high efficiency, high confidence future disclosures.
  • Executive engagement and education – We’ll help you make the most of the process to engage and upskill your senior leadership in ESG and sustainability topics that will shape the future.
  • Impactful stakeholder communications – With our expert in-house agency and creative teams, we’ll help you build reputation and brand equity through authentic and effective stakeholder communications
  • ESG commercial opportunities – We’ll help you use your deepening understanding of ESG impact to identify and realise new commercial opportunities.
  • Materiality assessment:
    Identify the topics material to your business, aligned with regulatory expectations
  • Applicability check:
    Identify your mandatory compliance obligations and requirements
  • Gap analysis and opportunity assessment:
    Review your current positioning on data an disclosure to identify gaps and opportunities
  • Content and data collection:
    Decide on the content to include in your report, tools to help, and other communication vehicles
  • Communications strategy:
    Develop a messaging framework and focus on the narrative you want to tell.
  • Copy development:
    Develop a coherent, engaging narrative using your brand’s tone of voice and style
  • Design:
    Tailored to you and your audiences’ needs that is suitable for your stakeholders
  • Responding to stakeholders:
    Navigate the landscape of ESG raters and rankers and improve your rating
  • ESG transformation and roadmap development:
    Develop a roadmap to address data gaps, and integration of data collection processes into business strategy
  • Identifying key data sets based on compliance and/or materiality grounds
  • Hands-on assistance to help clients access and validate the required data and select and implement data collection software to accelerate collection and analysis
  • Benchmarking current performance and providing valuable data analytics such as calculating organisations’ carbon footprints
  • Reviewing and implementing the processes and internal controls needed to meet regulatory non-financial reporting requirements
  • Presenting data sets to stakeholders
  • Helping management teams and their owners or lenders by monitoring performance and coaching them through the improvement process to deliver against key performance indicators and targets

MERO provides a comprehensive solution to streamline and systematise the management of ESG information, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

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