Developing Global Sustainability Report for Kimberly-Clark

alba workshop 1


Kimberly-Clark was looking for a partner to lead the development of its next sustainability report, which would serve as the official introduction to its ambitious new 2030 sustainability strategy and goals. By partnering with a third party the organisation hoped to reduce the level of effort required internally while simultaneously elevating their reporting practices and effectively framing its new strategy.


Having supported the work to update the strategy and goals, Anthesis was in a strong position to lead the report creation process. The work included envisioning, writing and designing the report as well as providing project management and subject-matter expertise throughout the engagement.

Key services included:

  • Creating two report documents, with the primary report written to be accessible to a wide range of audiences and a data and disclosures addendum that contains technical information for Kimberly-Clark’s more sophisticated stakeholders.
  • Working directly with sustainability program leads to develop a clear and concise articulation of each pillar of the new 2030 strategy.
  • Leading Kimberly-Clark through its first reporting against the SASB and TCFD frameworks.


The 2019 report represents a meaningful step forward in Kimberly-Clark’s reporting practices, both in completeness of content as well as in the look and feel. It also marked the official launch of its new 2030 strategy and goals.