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Competitor Intelligence

Identifying where you stand relative to competitors and best practices

No organisation operates in a vacuum and we can all learn from competitors and peers.

Best practices in sustainability management are continually evolving. What may have been innovative and positioned your company as a leader in your industry ten years ago could now be “table stakes” and evidence that you are falling behind competitors. Our benchmarking approach—which we often tailor for specific issues and industries—can uncover vulnerabilities, highlight differentiators, identify new product or service opportunities, and identify communication gaps.

Our Competitor Intelligence services

Using our rigorous benchmarking frameworks and knowledge of corporate practices, we can quickly identify gaps and opportunities for improvement and give you and your internal stakeholders a clear, objective understanding of where you stand relative to peers and to corporate best practices. We benchmark clients’ sustainability programmes and performance, and that of selected peers, on a comprehensive set of environmental and social practices.

How we do it

  • Evaluating sustainability maturity – We have turnkey and customisable benchmarking frameworks that assess leading practices across industries and provide valuable insights for defining priorities and setting strategy.
  • Identifying comparison groups – We work with you to determine the most applicable benchmark set, considering competitors, peers, business partners, and industry-leading companies inside and outside of your sector.
  • Defining best practices – We use our sustainability expertise, experience supporting leading organisations, and primary and secondary research to identify examples of best practices that are most relevant to you.
  • Distilling the insights – We clearly and concisely summarise our findings so that our clients can quickly understand and act on the most important insights.

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