Uniting a Diverse Business through their Keen Sense of Purpose


The Billington Group is a diverse family-run business in the food and agriculture sector. They also own several much loved consumer-facing brands such as ‘Very Lazy’ and ‘Glorious Soup’.

We worked with The Billington Group to lay the foundations for a powerful purpose platform, with a clear expression of who they are and why they exist.

Our aim was to unite their varied business and capture their keen sense of doing good.

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We brought the purpose to life with a visual identity whereby each ‘building block’ represents a unique element of the business, with colours inspired by their fresh produce.

The identity was launched with assets that celebrated the new purpose and values to the whole business—ensuring each subsidiary had a clear understanding and the right brand assets to communicate them.

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2000+ employees are aware, engaged and purpose-driven with over 90% of the company within six months.

We are the world’s leading purpose driven, digitally enabled, science-based activator. And always welcome inquiries and partnerships to drive positive change together.