Human Rights Strategy for a Carbon Credits Project

windmill energy field scaled 1


A global energy company asked our team to develop a human rights strategy for a proposed carbon-credits nature-based project aimed at developing an alternative and sustainable land use model in Pará state, Brazil.


To address the company’s needs, we:

  • Reviewed project plans and existing internal documentation
  • Carried out detailed public record research into the characteristics of the project region, including census data records and human rights violations
  • Interviewed key staff and partner NGOs, as well as local grassroots organisations and representatives of local government bodies
  • Carried out site visits to a sample of smallholder farms and local communities within the project area of influence.


Through our Strategy Development and Advisory Services, we assessed the identified risks, based on their severity and likelihood, and opportunities, based on their impact and likelihood. We then developed an action plan to mitigate risks and enable opportunities.

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