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Sustainable Cities & Regions

Supporting the delivery of more sustainable, low carbon cities and regions

Cities and regions globally are taking considerable steps to reduce their environmental impact to avoid the risks associated with climate change and to create healthy, thriving spaces for citizens. To do this, they must tackle complex sustainability challenges such as reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality and developing sustainable mobility.

Collaboration between local, regional and national governments, the private sector and other agencies and civil society groups is essential to responding to these challenges whilst taking advantage of economic opportunities, such as the green recovery, to build more resilient communities and enable a fair and just transition.

At Anthesis, we activate sustainability solutions for cities and regions by working with local and national governments, businesses and developers all over the world. From quantifying the impact to create a persuasive business case for change through to designing strategies and delivering them on-the-ground, we work with clients to deliver more sustainable, low carbon cities and regions.

Our Expertise

  • As the largest group of dedicated sustainability experts in the world, with deep expertise across climate change, biodiversity and waste, we can find solutions to the complex urban sustainability challenges that cities and regions face.  
  • We work with the public sector, businesses and developer entities in cities and regions across the world, from Europe to South America and Africa to deliver sustainable development. 
  • Our technology allows us to quantify and evidence the impact of climate change and take action to adapt and mitigate against the worst effects. 

Anthesis supported Cheshire East Council in developing our Carbon Neutral Action plan, with their assistance being critical in delivering a tailored solution to our ambition to both be carbon neutral for our operations by 2025 and reduce the footprint of the Borough. They were able to engage, challenge, and bring along our team and management to ensure ownership and understanding of the approach, drawing on best practice and their experience working with other Local Authorities around the UK.

Dan Griffiths
Economic Development Progamme Manager, Cheshire East Council


The development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) generates many challenges and needs to explore new needs. The experience of Anthesis Lavola in the strategic analysis and organisation of co-creation workshops has allowed us to advance in the development of MaaS applied to work mobility.

Ignacio Ramos Soriano
Communication and Consulting Department, EMT Madrid


Anthesis Lavola were our main partners in the conception, writing, coordination and participation of the Mobility Master Plan for the metropolitan area of Barcelona. It was a very successful and collaborative experience.

Lluís Alegre
Director of Mobility, AMT Barcelona


The Education team at Anthesis Lavola has not only contributed their professional experience in the fields of communication and environmental education, they have illustrated an enormous motivation for the project [public awareness campaign on waste], resulting in very satisfactory outcomes.

Lydia Navarro Velasco
Deputy General Director of Waste Collection, Madrid City Council


Anthesis helped us to quantify the emissions impact of our stock and operations, as well as considering barriers and enablers to decarbonisation across the various department and functions within our organisation. The work was conducted very professionally via a mixture of desk-based analytics and face-to-face interviews and has been instrumental in reframing our broader strategy and engaging colleagues at all levels, on this critical matter that we face.

Matt Roberts
Strategic Director - Property & Development, Southway Housing Trust


For more than 20 years we’ve counted on Anthesis Lavola’s experience and creativity in influencing the culture of sustainability in the city [of Barcelona]. We will continue with this collaboration!

Teresa Franquesa i Codinach
Director of Sustainability Strategy and Culture, Barcelona City Hall


SCATTER [Anthesis city carbon footprint tool] offers an important opportunity for us to come together as a city to work out what we want our low carbon future to look like, how we can work together and how we can maximise the health, employment and quality of life benefits for our citizens.

Dr Carly McLachlan
Director, Tyndall Centre

Our Tools For Supporting Cities & Regions 

We build custom tools and leverage leading technology solutions to support our cities and regions clients. 

These technologies include: 

  • SCATTER – Setting City Area Targets and Trajectories for Emissions Reduction. A user-friendly interactive website built to help UK local authorities to report on and reduce greenhouse gases. 
  • CIVIwaste – a mobile and web application helping local authorities to transform and improve waste through citizen responsibility and incentives.  
  • Cool Farm Tool – an online greenhouse gas calculator that Anthesis that can support rural regions in meeting emissions targets.
  • GIS  – satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems, which is used extensively in arid and semi-arid environments for infrastructure planning as well as locating water and mineral resources.
  • Link Platform + App  – Waste collection and street cleaning services managing system: from inventory management to quality control, including resource planning, execution control and citizen participation. ​
  • ItinerApp  – Education App with augmented reality and gamified resources for group activities, tours and visits.

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Cities & Regions Services

Our Services

Anthesis supports clients with agile analytics and research capabilities that deliver actionable, commercial insight and foresight to develop the evidence base for climate action. This includes insight into carbon emissions, low carbon and renewable energy solutions as well as assessments and analysis in waste management and infrastructure, environmental and social impact, and environmental due diligence.

Anthesis delivers evidence-based strategies, innovation and tools to address challenges and unlock opportunities for cities and regions. We support the delivery of sustainable and urban mobility plans, hazardous materials management (including asbestos), circular economy resource efficiency, low carbon heat and power solutions, climate change mitigation and adaptation planning, green building design and standards and responsible sourcing, as well as biodiversity strategies and green infrastructure.

Anthesis provides pragmatic support and services to deliver on-the-ground impact, efficiently and effectively. We support clients with environmental health & safety (EHS) and auditing services, awareness & engagement Campaigns, environmental management, as well as climate finance and investment grade auditing services.

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