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Cultivating the Next Generation of Sustainability Leaders: STEPx

November 26, 2019 | Insights,

The nature of any client-focused profession, with multiple projects back-to-back, requires a work-life balance, a resilient mindset and an understanding of how to break big problems into smaller tasks.

In your first few years of work, it takes conscious effort and a helping hand to employ this approach. Without the tools and awareness to deal with high-paced projects, enthusiasm can quickly morph into deadline dread and performance pressure. Therefore, platforms where stress and resilience can be discussed are key for nurturing the sustainability professionals of the future.

Introducing STEPx

Last month, Anthesis’s early-career professionals met to discuss how we can employ resilience in our organisation, at a TED-inspired event we developed called STEPx.

It was a packed day, where our young people had the opportunity to hear from some of our senior leaders, including our CEO, Stuart McLachlan.

“It was the perfect day to get in touch with the Anthesis spirit and to experience first-hand how wellbeing and collaboration between teams is high up on the company’s agenda.”

With such a big topic, a lot of different angles were covered:

  • How can you develop resilience by finding purpose and direction in your career journey?
  • How can self-awareness and a growth mindset help you stretch yourself without breaking?
  • What tools and approaches can you use to mitigate and cope with stress?
  • How can you spot the iceberg before it hits you? And if it does – what help is available to you?

It was important for all of us to speak candidly about our personal experiences. We need to preserve a culture that promotes open communication about sensitive issues. Only when we talk about risks and problems can we do something about them, to create a workplace that works for us all.

In a day full of insights, one message was shared by speakers and participants alike – resilience is a lot about knowing and listening to yourself. If you understand what motivates you, what you’re good at and what the world needs, you will gravitate towards pleasure, not pressure.

About STEP at Anthesis

STEP is our platform to develop young talent and to accelerate new ideas for our business. Run by STEP members for STEP members, this forum has grown organically from an initial lunch conversation to working groups focused on cross-disciplinary learning, skills development, client management and shadowing.

About the Author

Klas is currently co-chair of the STEP platform and organised this year’s STEPx. Outside his STEP duties, Klas supports Anthesis’ global team of 50+ circular economy consultants, advising specifically on waste data and policy. He holds an MSc in Environmental Policy from London School of Economics and a BSc in Ecology from Imperial College London.

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