Plastics Recycling: A Future for Plastic Waste

To achieve greater circularity, organisations have the opportunity to transform their plastics supply chain using the latest recycling technology

Today’s plastic challenge and the demand for a more circular economy is providing a driver for radical change in plastics supply chains

Consumers, governments, NGOs, manufacturers and brands are all making firm commitments to transform their plastics supply chains to achieve greater circularity and work towards a ‘net zero’ future.

These include:

  • Reducing plastic content & waste;
  • Plastics recycling and recovering more plastic waste; 
  • Replacing plastic content with alternative materials (incl. biobased plastics) and recycled plastics.

In 2019, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimated that over 5.4 million tonnes of recycled plastics are needed in the global packaging sector alone by 2025 to reach these targets. Other key plastics sectors like construction, automotive and electronics also have ambitious goals to recycle plastic waste and use recycled content.


Plastics recycling solutions for a sustainable future

To achieve a ‘net zero’ future, the transformation of supply chains and new forms of supply chain collaboration is needed to achieve these global commitments, with the help of innovative supply chain approaches and advanced plastic recycling technologies.

Our plastics and circularity specialists support clients on a wide range of plastics recycling solutions, across the supply chain:


Identifying existing sources of recycled plastics

Anthesis’ knowledge hub and expertise will identify suitable sourcing options, benchmark these against competitors and competing solutions considering costs, quality and volumes. We are experienced in providing practical advice on creating circular supply chains for customer’s plastic waste.


Supporting services to invest, develop and build new plastics recycling infrastructure

Anthesis is well-positioned to deliver a range of services to accelerate plastics recycling and establish new plastics recycling infrastructure incl. business planning, commercial due diligence, and screening for investment opportunities.


Plastic recycling infographic

Plastics Recycling Technology Hub

Our services are supported by Anthesis’ global Plastics Recycling Technology Hub, which captures detailed information and analyses over 100 plastics recycling technologies and their reference plants in order to find the best recycling solution for our clients.

The tool helps us to identify and categorise specialist sorting, mechanical and chemical recycling, and biopolymer technologies. It also provides sourcing options to replace virgin plastics with recyclates and to identify fossil fuel replacements such as naphtha and methanol.

View the Plastics Recycling Technology Hub – PDF Guide


Framework for Sustainable Apparel

Our supporting services across the plastics value chain

Our waste and sustainable product team are trusted advisors to some of the most well-known brands, retailers, investors and polymer producers as well as governments and industry associations. Expertise, experience and passion along the whole plastics value chain, supported by superior knowledge from our Plastics Recycling Technology Hub, allows us to put our clients on a strategic pathway to sustainability:

  • Supply Chain
  • Product Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Use and Durability
  • Recycling and Circularity
  • Management Systems


From the start, Anthesis have demonstrated their expertise in advanced recycling technology processes, waste management infrastructure, and data analysis and visualization. We value their thought partnership and are continually impressed with the detail in their work

Paula N. Luu, Project Director

Closed Loop Partners

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Single-use Plastics – Actions For Businesses
March 20, 2018
Anthesis experts, Richard Peagam, Beth Simpson and Chris Stanley explain the actions businesses can take on single-use plastics. The webinar looks at:

  • The plastic problem
  • Plastics being targeted
  • Plastic myths and cautions
  • First steps to tackling the plastic problem


Calculating the Impact of Resources & Waste Policy Change
December 3rd, 2019
A webinar exploring the calculator developed to assess the impact of deposit return schemes and extended producer responsibility reform for local authorities. The calculator was developed by Anthesis Group and SUEZ, with support from LARAC, Project Integra and the Kent Resource Partnership. It is available to download free.

Insights & News Stories

Case Studies

Podcasts & Videos

Our Plastic & Circularity Specialists

Claudia Amos
Technical Director - Plastics Technology, Infrastructure & Commercial Due Diligence, UK
Beth Simpson
Principal Consultant - Plastics & Recycling Specialist, UK
James Ewell
Associate Director & Sustainable Chemistry Practice Lead, North America
Berta Mota
Plastic Circularity and Supply Chain Manager, Anthesis Lavola
Alexandre Lemille
Managing Director, France (Plastics & Circular Economy Business Model Specialist)