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Waste Management and Resource Efficiency

Key resources to demonstrate our support for waste, circular economy and resource efficiency

To decouple economic growth from the waste that is generated, we need to use resources more efficiently, meaning producing more with less. Maximising the sustainable use of raw materials, products, packaging, and other assets, while minimising waste and expenses should be a ‘business as usual practice’ in most organisations.

The resources and waste sector is constantly evolving

There is a growing interest and understanding of the importance of shifting from a linear to a circular economy.  The resources and waste sector sits at the key point of this economy, making it a vital facilitator enabling both post-consumer and post-industrial resources to be fed back into the supply chain as raw materials.

The end-of-life management of products is a complex picture with options for re-use or recycling varying by country, city and material type. Each player within the system faces different challenges:

  1. Producers of products must design products that fit into the available waste management systems;
  2. Waste operators need to access the right quantity and quality of feedstock and align outputs with market demand (the circular economy in action);
  3. For everyone else taking stock of their own waste production, it is critical to assess where to save resources and money and contribute to the circular economy by maximising recycling performance.

Navigating the expanse of information to support decisive action is something that benefits from specialist expertise.

With new policy around Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), deposit return schemes, and consistent collections expected to be implemented in the near future, coupled with plastic taxes, recycled content targets and residual waste reduction targets, there has never been a more distinct change in the way waste is collected, sorted and recycled.
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Anthesis was an invaluable partner in data gathering, analysis, and facilitating discussions among various stakeholders. The study showed their in-depth understanding of the requirements for an efficient plastics recycling system.

Umesh Madhavan
Research Director, The Circulate Initiative


We were very pleased with our experience working with Anthesis throughout the diligence process. From start to finish, Anthesis provided critical market expertise and exceptional work product that equipped us with the market knowledge, tools and support for the transaction.

Tyler Kopp
Principal, ECP

Supporting clients with their waste management needs

We support organisations irrespective of where they are in their waste journey. From waste analytics and strategy formation, to policy and market assessments and providing commercial due diligence for waste infrastructure, Anthesis can tailor and adapt the services listed below to meet clients’ needs.

Our waste, circular economy and resource efficiency services:

  • Circular economy: Supporting clients to design out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.
  • Waste footprinting: Helping clients to better understand the impact of their products to enable better decision making and reduce impact.
  • Waste and plastics recycling: Supporting clients from regulation, collections and operational delivery to infrastructure and treatment, to market assessments and landscape reviews.
  • Waste data, metrics and reporting: Assisting clients to understand their waste activities through data, including via the development of digital sustainability solutions, including digital waste tracking and tools.
  • Commercial waste due diligence: Anthesis’ waste commercial due diligence team combines global expertise to provide expert guidance on an investment’s commercial proposition, with recent projects spanning Europe, North America and South-East Asia.
  • Environmental expert witness: Providing independent expert witness services concerning resource and waste management and regulation, compliance and environmental impact assessment, and due diligence.

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Waste Services

How we help organisations to tackle waste, recycling, and the circular economy.

We provide insightful analysis into waste and recycling arisings and flows, and regulations, and identify opportunities and risks for your organisation. Our methods combine primary research and data collection, data analytics, scenario modelling, and multi-stakeholder qualitative research.

Managing waste and recycling to be compatible with a circular economy and the available recycling infrastructure requires the identification and design of high-impact solutions that unlock sustainable performance.

From waste strategies and providing expert testimonials to supporting delivery on the ground, our waste specialists help turn plans into reality and results.

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