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Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition

Anthesis can conceptualise, design and deliver finished products or resources that can be used as part of a singular engagement activity or long-term educational campaign. For instance, our team have worked with the la Caixa Bank Foundation to develop an augmented reality application as part of a travelling exhibition, “Observe, question, experiment”, exploring the life and work of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Delivering engaging learning experiences in the digital age can be challenging. Activities and materials have begun to evolve past conventional teaching methods, often delivering sensory and interactive experiences that have a lasting impact on its user.

Anthesis helps companies, institutions and teachers alike harness the power of innovative and durable resources to educate key stakeholders. We design physical equipment and technological tools to target any kind of audience or age group.

How we do it

  • Online and interactive content including games, calculators, instructional documents, activity booklets and self-guided materials.
  • Augmented reality experiences and role-playing devices.
  • Inclusive learning resources such as outdoor events and resources for the visually impaired.
  • Hands on activities including 3D models, board games, books and kits.
  • Educational playgrounds and workshops

Our people

Marta Lacruz Sobré
Education Development Director, Anthesis Lavola
Núria Solé
Educational Programmes Manager, Anthesis Lavola
Arantxa Arnaiz Vidal
Education Services Manager, Anthesis Lavola
Alba Bonàs Piella
Educational Consulting Manager, Anthesis Lavola
Sandra Bernal Piñera
Manager of Environmental Centres and Participation, Anthesis Lavola
Laura Toset
Campaigns Manager, Anthesis Lavola

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