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Educational Resources, Activities and Spaces

Designing educational equipment and technological tools to target any kind of audience or age group

magician with food waste fridge

Anthesis can conceptualise, design and deliver finished products or resources that can be used as part of a singular engagement activity or long-term educational campaign. For example, we’ve been working with stakeholders in Catalonia and Barcelona on the “Som gent de profit” communication campaign since 2015. Most recently, we helped them conduct a workshop featuring a makeshift refrigerator, designed and constructed by Anthesis, to educate children on food waste.

Delivering engaging learning experiences in the digital age can be challenging. Activities and materials have begun to evolve past conventional teaching methods, often delivering sensory and interactive experiences that have a lasting impact on its user.

Anthesis helps companies, institutions and teachers alike harness the power of innovative and durable resources to educate key stakeholders on sustainability and science. We design physical equipment, technological tools and educational spaces to target any kind of audience or age group.

How we help develop concepts for educational resources

  • Designing permanent, portable and temporary exhibitions and spaces.
  • Online and interactive content including games, calculators, instructional documents, activity booklets and self-guided materials.
  • Augmented reality experiences and role-playing devices.
  • Inclusive learning resources such as outdoor events and resources for the visually impaired.
  • Hands on activities including 3D models, board games, books and kits.
  • Educational playgrounds and workshops

Anthesis can not only help you develop educational resources. Our team of expert are also proficient at delivering educational programmes.

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The Education team at Anthesis Lavola has not only contributed their professional experience in the fields of communication and environmental education, they have illustrated an enormous motivation for the project [public awareness campaign on waste], resulting in very satisfactory outcomes.

Lydia Navarro Velasco
Deputy General Director of Waste Collection, Madrid City Council
Madrid City Council

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