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Education for Sustainability (EfS) and STEM Benchmarking

Conducting benchmark assessments that exceeds sustainability and STEM criteria

We can help you to conduct a benchmarking assessment that exceeds sustainability and STEM criteria, assessing economic, social and ethical best practices.

Our benchmarking assessment includes:

  • Defining objectives – we can turn your goals and aspirations into tangible objectives.
  • Identifying comparison groups – we work with you to determine the most relevant  peers or learning experiences to base our research on. This can include educational institutions outside your sector, geography and size to provide additional insights.
  • Research and stakeholder engagement – we use a combination of desktop research and stakeholder engagement to obtain both quantitative and qualitative information on best practice examples that could make a measurable impact, while making sure they remain achievable in the context of your organisation.
  • Presenting the business case – we can present a strong business case for change to your education managers and teachers, delivered in a compelling and understandable manner.
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