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Public and Internal Communications Campaigns

Providing end-to-end management of communication campaigns and stakeholder engagement sessions

LV-Sinappsis is our exclusive technology tool for the planning, execution and efficient management of awareness and communication campaigns. It can be used to plan a campaign, delegate tasks to campaign managers, collect data and view and track results in real-time. The tool can be particularly effective when used with on-the-ground engagement campaigns in public locations.

Awakening awareness and promoting new behaviour among stakeholders, suppliers and citizens is the key to achieving a more sustainable society.

Anthesis provides comprehensive and end-to-end management of communication campaigns and stakeholder engagement sessions. We can help you to achieve you ambitions by creating maximum impact on the intended recipients and take care of everything from conceptualisation, execution, monitoring and evaluation.

Our Public and Internal Communications services include:

  • Campaign design – we study and identify the most appropriate content to target your audience, often via planning sessions using our meetfulness methodology. This includes audience segmentation to optimise the results of the campaign or engagement activity.
  • Planning and execution – we structure resources and take care of the production of the necessary communication materials. We also manage and train, where appropriate, the teams of educators or informants responsible for implementing the campaigns.
  • Communication – we create dissemination strategies that can be tailored to select social networks and the media.
  • Data analysis – we analyse and dissect the most valuable information obtained from a campaign for our clients.
  • Monitoring and evaluation – we continuously measure the impact of the actions and evaluate the results.
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The Education team at Anthesis Lavola has not only contributed their professional experience in the fields of communication and environmental education, they have illustrated an enormous motivation for the project [public awareness campaign on waste], resulting in very satisfactory outcomes.

Lydia Navarro Velasco
Deputy General Director of Waste Collection, Madrid City Council
Madrid City Council

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