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Transforming corporate strategy, mapping multi-stakeholder supply chains and meeting customer demands for more sustainable products and operations.

Transformational Change

A driving force for good, managing your supply chain is a core strategic issue. Leading superior stakeholder engagement strategies across the whole value chain. Understanding your data, engaging with your suppliers and reviewing (and potentially updating) your entire business model. Ensuring all certification, assurance and compliance is adhered to, acting responsibly and collaboratively throughout. We make business sense of sustainability to articulate the change needed in operational strategy to improve productivity, manage regulatory risk and meet the evolving attitudes of external stakeholders.


Anthesis have been collaborating with Tesco for the last few years. Among a range of projects, Anthesis have supported and facilitated the Supplier Network Platform, which promotes communication and stimulates discussion and knowledge sharing between Tesco and our suppliers.

Carmen Chan
Senior Sustainability and Fabric Manager
F&F (Tesco)

Anthesis Lavola has been a key partner in the development, maintenance and improvement of Cellnex’s sustainability strategy for more than 15 years. We intend to maintain collaboration with the Anthesis team to advance our sustainable development in countries [where Cellnex is present] across Europe.

Àngels Ucero
People and Organisation Director
Cellnex Telecom

Aritzia initially worked with Anthesis to set our environment baseline – which highlighted the areas to focus on in our sustainability strategy. Part of this process included using RiskHorizon™ to assess where and what the likely risks are in our raw material supply chains. We look forward to continuing collaborating with the apparel team to support our objectives.

Corporate Responsibility Director

Key People

Julian Parfitt
Technical Director, UK
Susan Harris
Technical Director, United Kingdom
George Favaloro
Executive Director, North America
Richard Peagam
Associate Director, UK
Ben Lynch
Director, UK
Jono Adams
Director, UK

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