Expert Witness for Waste Offences

We provide expert witness services for both civil and criminal waste disputes.

We can provide expert opinion on the following topics:

  • Waste transfers and fines
  • Waste disposal costs
  • Waste management compliance
  • Permit breach charges
  • Waste security and infrastructure
  • Evidence of environmental harm
  • Insurance claims

Anthesis’ highly skilled team of waste specialists provide expert witness services for both civil and criminal waste disputes. The team is led by Simone Aplin, a Chartered Waste Manager with over 20 years’ experience in waste and resource management and an experienced waste expert witness.

Members of the team can act as an expert witness for both claimants and defendants across a wide range of arbitrations, civil litigations, and criminal cases. We take a meticulous approach to assessing both the charges faced and the environmental impacts to ensure a fair and appropriate outcome for our clients. This may include reducing charges or avoiding prosecution by engaging with the regulator.

Receiving advice early on can avoid a minor compliance issue from becoming a difficult court case.

Our waste expert witness services:

  • Provision of industry insights and advice
  • Review of technical evidence
  • Independent assessment of environmental impacts
  • Supporting evidence, both verbally and via written reports
  • Challenging of sentences (where appropriate)

Waste expert witness examples:

  • Waste fines – An Anthesis expert witness was asked to consider the security, infrastructure, and waste quantities at a waste transfer station. A full review and analysis of waste found fines issued to the site to be too high considering the waste types and tonnage limits. This evidence was reported, and fines were reduced to an appropriate level.
  • Permit breach charges – An Anthesis expert witness completed a detailed review of permit breach charges at a transfer station, including site visits to identify whether these breaches caused environmental harm. This resulted in a number of charges being withdrawn.
  • Environmental harm permit – A review of the evidence was carried out post-trial at a transfer site that had been operating without a permit to assess environmental harm. Work carried out investigated the type of waste to analyse the disposal costs which were found to be more than anticipated.


Simone Aplin was engaged as an expert witness by our clients who were facing a particularly complicated prosecution by the Environment Agency concerning environmental permit breaches. The key issues in the case centred around whether offences had been committed, and if so, the environmental harm that arose from the offending. Simone took an extremely forensic approach to the case, examining in significant detail each charge, the evidence surrounding it, and the harm that arose. In my view, Simone produced a very fair and balanced assessment of all the facts of the case.

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Simone Aplin
Technical Director, UK
Simone is a Chartered Waste Manager with over 20 years’ experience in waste and resource management in operations, as a regulator and now as a consultant.As a Technical Director in Anthesis, she works with public and private sector clients across a wide range of resources & waste issues.This includes support to develop and consult on a Resource & Waste Sector Deal for the UK Resources Council and leading the development of a nationwide smart waste tracking system for Defra. Simone acts as an expert witness to UK courts in criminal and civil disputes, preparing expert evidence and giving verbal evidence in court in cases involving waste offences and their impact on the environment. She also advises public and private sector clients on regulation and compliance, having an in-depth understanding of waste legislation and its application by the regulator, and has delivered a large number of projects relating to waste and waste crime for the Environment Agency.

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