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Route Zero

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management


The first credible GHG reduction platform

RouteZero is ​​the first credible solution to digitally deliver a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction platform – from intelligent climate planning to optimal investment strategies and implementation activities.

Backed by the unrivalled expertise from 1,100 climate analytics specialists, RouteZero accelerates the pace with which organisations can assess their impact and develop actionable decarbonisation plans.

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Understand your
climate risks
Transform your business & supply chain
Balance your
carbon budget
Deliver audit-ready, investor-grade reports
Set science-based targets

Accelerate intelligent climate action

Designed from the insights of over 4,000 GHG footprints globally, RouteZero accelerates the pace with which organisations can assess their impact and develop actionable decarbonisation plans.

Understand your footprintIdentify hotspotsInform decisionsDrive actionable decarbonisation plans

RouteZero validates your inputs, fills gaps in emission sources and forms an accurate and robust GHG inventory across scopes 1, 2 and 3, aligned with the GHG Protocol.

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Identify carbon hotspots based on source, scope, geography and supplier.

All users, from technical and non-technical professionals to the C-Suite, can efficiently use the platform to make informed financial, operational, and impact-related decisions.

Move from insights to action and deliver on your climate targets. Set science-based targets, reduce your footprint, understand your climate risks, invest in transformation strategies.

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Industry-leading data validation, calculations and managed emissions factor database

RouteZero streamlines how organisations input, calculate, and visualise GHG emissions.

Powerful DashboardsStreamlined ProcessReal-Time Data

  • Powerful dashboards and automated data visualiations
  • Reduction in human-generated errors and data gaps
  • A scalable solution that grows with your organisation

  • Streamline the input, evaluation, and visualisation of GHG emissions.
  • Reduce the reliance on in-house sustainability resources for data capture
  • Flexible scope and support levels to suit your organisation’s requirements
  • Superior data collection functionality, providing a critical foundation for other climate-related initiatives

  • Complete transparency of your data from source data to calculations and outputs
  • Instant access to your GHG data
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Supporting your compliance and reporting requirements

RouteZero data is aligned with the GHG Protocol, and can be used for target setting and reporting to DJSI, CDP, SEC and other standards.

Go beyond the footprint


Scalable with your organisation

A RouteZero Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription can be used for single organisations or group inventories such as private equity portfolios or parent organisations.

Training is included with all subscriptions to provide a seamless and rapid onboarding experience and integration with other data sources.

Remove the risks connected to self-service GHG inventory tools

Reduce the reliance on in-house sustainability resources for data capture.

Cut out human-generated errors and data gaps and streamline the process using an intuitive user interface, API connectivity and flexible permission system.

Paired with climate specialists

Clients are paired with specialist advisors who have climate analytics and sector expertise and will support them throughout the journey.

End-to-end support

Additional support beyond the inventory from internal capacity building to decarbonisation strategy development and implementation.

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