Advisory + Communications

From compliance, to opportunity

Sustainability is moving center stage. Rising resource pressures, costs and growing expectations from customers and investors, have taken it from a peripheral concern to a mainstream business-critical issue. It's not just championed by CSR professionals and NGOs anymore, but core to all company departments from finance to R&D and marketing.

Compliance and ‘do no harm’ are no longer enough – the question is: Will your business survive and prosper through the massive changes that lie ahead?

To do this, you need to understand and manage your risks while maximizing commercial opportunities in this fast-moving business environment. Strategy development is integral to deliver on your ambitions and goals in a coordinated, effective manner - we have the tools, experience and insights to not only support implementation of your existing initiatives but also bring new ideas to the table.

We’ll help you connect with the people inside and outside the business that will turn strategy into reality and theory into practice. We’ll find the partners, create the success stories and build the collaboration platforms to take your efforts further. Like you, we want to work with people to turn linear business models into circular, sustainable ones.

How we will help you?

Strategy that’s based on evidence, not guesswork.

Our background in sustainability metrics means our innovative thinking is well-grounded in facts and figures. Our analytical approach means we can identify where the real impacts and opportunities lie in your value chain.  Plus our thought leadership network gives you best practice and guidance from a global network of pioneers.

Business-ready strategy that you can put into practice.

We only develop strategy that we’d be happy to deliver. It’s all about translating your sustainability goals into real life by integrating them into your existing business processes.

Turn complex data into understandable content.

We use clear language, graphics and videos where possible to make difficult data easy to understand to quickly show what really matters. We'll tailor your information into a style to suit your desired reader. 

Provide strategy that establishes and builds your leadership credentials. 

We'll help you define a powerful, differentiated narrative about your sustainability ambitions that inspires and motivates staff, customers and other stakeholders to understand, communicate and adapt. It is people, rather than organizations, who change.

The Product Sustainability Roundtable

The Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) is a network of sustainability experts from some of the world’s largest and most respected organizations. For more than 24 years, PSRT members have collaborated to deepen their understanding of issues and trends, share collective experiences and expertise, and strengthen capacity for addressing sustainability challenges.

In 2016, the PSRT developed the Sustainability Leadership Framework which supports members in embedding sustainability into their organizational cultures. View the leadership framework here. 

Our Advisory and Communications Services


  • Defining vision and values
  • Developing sustainability and corporate responsibility strategies
  • Circular business model development
  • Developing financial metrics and tools
  • Renewables strategy, accounting and additionality
  • Goal Setting, Science-based targets
  • Community engagement strategy
  • Materiality matrix development
  • Metrics and evidence
  • Risk & Opportunity Assessment, RiskHorizon
  • Identifying reduction opportunities
  • Scopes 1, 2 and 3 reporting
  • CDP
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Natural Capital Accounting
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Certifications and labelling
  • GRI, UNGC, DJSI, SASB, and many of the leading 3rd Party Survey, Awards and Rankings Organization submissions
  • Built environment evaluation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Design
  • Copywriting / storytelling / content editing
  • Visuals / infographics
  • Artworking / production
  • Project management
  • Customer engagement
  • Consumer communications
  • Benchmarking
  • Consumer-facing qualitative and market research
  • Employee engagement and culture change
  • Behavior change strategy and delivery
  • Customized workshops and training
  • Social impact baseline (regional, national and global operations)
  • Quantified social value assessment
  • Stakeholder communications management
  • Community and economic assessment for inclusion in Environmental Social Impact Assessments (ESIA)