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Packaging Compliance

Supporting organisations to comply with regulations and legislation for packaging waste and design.

Supporting organisations to comply with Packaging Regulations & Directives, including:

  • EU Single-Use Plastics Directive
  • UK Packaging Tax
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Plastic Pollution Controls


The global landscape for the regulation of packaging is constantly evolving. As countries seek to reduce waste, improve recycling rates, and move to a more circular economy, legislation and guidance is regularly implemented presents a complex landscape for organisations to navigate.

The challenge for businesses is to understand which of these regulations will affect them and their compliance obligations across different markets in way that allows them to make informed choices and allows them to improve the circularity of their packaging.

Anthesis’ regulatory experts can help interpret what current and evolving legislation will mean for your packaging portfolio and to evaluate the impacts of their sustainability-driven packaging choices on compliance obligations. We can model the cost of compliance for new and existing packaging portfolios and regulatory systems and create evidence and data-backed position statements to inform consultations for packaging regulation changes.

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Sustainable Packaging

Our Packaging Compliance Services

We use a straightforward approach using bespoke solutions to mitigate your packaging compliance requirements, providing you with the tools you need to become completely compliant. We:

  • Calculate packaging obligations and producer responsibilities
  • Undertake packaging compliance reviews
  • Regulatory Tracking – We keep you informed regarding the developments impacting your packaging and provide industry-backed recommendations on cost.
  • Claims and logos guidance – From assessing the sustainability claims of your packaging to communicating credentials with stakeholders, Anthesis can help you to implement, upgrade or substantiate environmental product claims and certifications in a targeted, streamlined way.

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