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Packaging Material Evaluation and Options Assessments

We work with industry leading LCA tools, such as SIMAPRO and Footprinter, to provide comprehensive analysis into the best materials options for your packaging to reduce its environmental impact.


Met with rising consumer demands and increased regulatory scrutiny, brands are feeling the pressure to adapt their portfolio to more sustainable, recyclable and reusable alternatives. Many have set ambitious targets, while others have joined forces with NGOs to tackle existing waste. The overall goal is clear, though: brands need to create better products and packaging.

Anthesis’s experts have been offering world-class packaging consultancy for many years. Our knowledge and experience means we are perfectly placed to offer simple, innovative solutions enabling you to comply with legislation and lead the market.

Our services to support you with packaging material evaluation and options

Landscape reviewRecyclability evaluationPackaging options assessmentsEnd of life solutions

Landscape review

Our policy, regulatory, and infrastructure experts help build a clear understanding of the context surrounding your packaging needs and ambitions. This review can include environmental regulations (including extended producer responsibility requirements, REACH and chemicals of concern), NGO and consumer pressures, consumer behaviours, competitor performance, and the availability of waste recovery infrastructure (e.g. recycling, composting) in your markets. This initial research will allow you to map out the key drivers that will shape your strategy and take the first step in narrowing down your packaging options.

Recyclability evaluation and assessments

We assess the recyclability of your portfolio across your markets, taking into consideration different recyclability definitions, consumer behaviour, infrastructure availability and packaging materials and formats. We can also provide practical evaluations of recyclability, reuse or takeback systems and suitability for collection, sorting and reprocessing across global markets.

Packaging options assessments

We are uniquely positioned with deep technical expertise along the polymer supply chain, with experts in topics from sustainable chemistry to packaging technologists and policy and advisory. Our expertise in materials selection analysis and LCA allows us to support clients to compare different packaging options based on cost and availability and the potential of options to help achieve sustainability goals relating to circularity and GHG emissions.

End of life solutions

We provide end-of-life solutions to support clients to achieve circularity in their packaging and product supply chains. Solutions include the implementation of product take-back programs, identification of reuse/disposal routes for difficult to handle materials, e.g. flexible packaging, compositional and operational waste audits and trials for the end use of materials. We can provide practical evaluations of recyclability, reuse or takeback systems and suitability for collection, sorting and reprocessing in different markets globally. Our packaging experts can also advise on how to design your packaging portfolio to fit with current and developing end-of-life infrastructure and technologies and understand the investment risks and rewards that new recycling innovations can offer.

By engaging in an assessment of your packaging options, new packaging ideas can easily be measured to assess your potential market impact on supporting a closed-loop, sustainable future. By doing this, it is possible to choose packaging materials that are sustainable when taken in the context of your application, business needs, consumer demands and the environment.


Packaging Materials Options

It is difficult to meet the technological requirements of packaging without affecting the environment. Prioritising and choosing amongst multiple packaging alternatives is growing more difficult for firms. On the market, there are a number of packing materials that claim to have a lower environmental effect. However, switching from one packaging solution to another without first understanding the environmental implications can have significant unintended consequences.

Our assessment of sustainable packaging materials offer a comprehensive life cycle approach to help you understand the impact of your packaging.




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