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EHS Compliance Software Implementation

Bespoke EHS management solutions to help you understand your corporate responsibilities around Environmental, Health & Safety

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our world-class EHS capabilities, experience and knowledge, backed by a global network of colleagues and the wider capabilities of Anthesis
  • Our strong network of subcontractors and partners
  • Global team distribution, enabling best practice and on-the-ground support where you need it
  • End-to-end EHS management support, including legal and commercial understanding and technical solutions
  • Agile delivery of bespoke solutions

In a world of changing legislation and increased public expectations about environmental corporate responsibility, understanding potential liabilities and risks around Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) issues is increasingly important.

At Anthesis, we have a thorough understanding of EHS agendas, policies, regulations and cultural issues. Our team delivers both local and global EHS Compliance programmes to help you understand your responsibilities and communicate outcomes in clear, non-technical language. We offer bespoke EHS management software and EHS Compliance software and systems solutions across a broad range of sectors.

EHS Compliance Software & Programmes

We deliver EHS compliance software and systems solutions, including EHS audit software and assurance programmes in line with legislation and corporate policies. We also benchmark against industry best practices – and can use the information we gather about Environmental, Health & Safety and corporate responsibility practices to assess the suitability of vendors.

EHS Management Systems

Our EHS management software and systems offering goes hand-in-hand with our focus on EHS risk compliance.

  • Design, implementation and optimisation of EHS and Energy Management Systems (EMS) – ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, and Eco-Management and Audit Scheme.
  • Management system training and capacity building.

EHS Software Solutions

Our software team has vast experience across EHS compliance & management systems software; including design, implementation, business operations and consulting.

We offer enterprise EHS software and systems solutions, including implementation for SAP EHSM and Oracle PG&C, as well as using our own EHS software tools such as Anthesis Compliance Data Collection and Anthesis Compliance Suite.

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