Webinar: Analysis of policy measures in the Nordic countries to compensate for the increasing costs of energy

Date: April 9th
Time: 9-10 AM (CET)
Where: Online

Together with our project partners from Menon Economics and University of Copenhagen, we held a webinar, presenting the results from our study, analysing the impacts on equity, climate and the environment from the policy measures that were implemented in the Nordic countries to compensate for increasing costs of energy. The project was financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

See recording below.

Find the report here!

The long-term Nordic policy objective of combating climate change has been challenged in recent years by disturbances to the economic system. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine on trade flows and income distributions contributed to large price increases for electricity, heat, and transport fuels between 2021-2023. The Nordic governments tackled these price increases by introducing numerous measures to economically compensate households and businesses. However, it is unclear if and how these measures affected the Nordic social, climate and environmental policy priorities.  

To clarify these issues, the report has evaluated selected compensation measures, with a focus on their effect on income distribution, climate, and the environment. We also discuss alternative and likely more appropriate compensation measures that could have been taken. Welcome to participate!