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Packaging Sustainability

Key resources to demonstrate our support for sustainable packaging in design and production

This is an unprecedented time in the packaging sector.

Companies and brands are looking to align behind the principles of a circular economy to reduce the negative impact of their packaging, responding to consumer, regulatory, and internal pressures.

However, trying to balance making commercial decisions related to sustainability with sensitivities such as unit costs, reputational risk, product availability, customer demand, and product protection can become complex. The sustainability credentials of packaging can still be confusing and analysis about what constitutes a good substitution can be hard to come by.

As more and more organisations look to set goals for sustainable packaging solutions, including recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging and reduction of packaging portfolios at primary, secondary and tertiary levels; navigating the expanse of information to support decisive action is something that benefits from specialist expertise.

There is still a lot of confusion about what constitutes sustainable packaging. For some the answer is to go plastic free, but for others the focus is on making the right decisions to align with other sustainability goals.

Supporting Clients with their Packaging Needs

We support organisations irrespective of where they are in their packaging journey, from baseline analytics and strategy formation to action implementation and monitoring. Anthesis can tailor and adapt the services listed below to meet clients’ needs.

Key clients that utilise our sustainable packaging solutions services:

  • Packaging and products manufacturers
  • Retailers and e-commerce
  • The hospitality sector
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The waste sector
  • Investors in the plastics and packaging supply chains
  • Charitable organisations
  • Voluntary industry collaborations

Packaging Services

How we help organisations to tackle plastic packaging

We provide insightful diagnostics of packaging sustainability issues, build engagement, and identify opportunities and risks for companies and brands. Our methods combine primary research and data collection, data analytics, scenario modelling, and multi-stakeholder qualitative research.

Transitioning packaging to be compatible with a circular economy requires the identification and design of high impact strategies and solutions that unlock sustainable performance. 

From engagement campaigns, programme management and delivery on the ground, our packaging specialists help turn plans into reality and results.

Packaging Regulations

Globally, there is an increasing suite of packaging regulations presenting a complex landscape for organisations to navigate. Companies are facing pressures from a range of different regulations such as:

  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Plastic taxes
  • Single-use plastic bans
  • Deposit return schemes

Anthesis’ regulatory experts can help interpret what current and evolving legislation will mean for your packaging portfolio and create a packaging strategy fit for the future regulatory landscape.



Sustainable Packaging Design – 1HQ

By combining our deep scientific and technical understanding of sustainability with brand design agency 1HQ’s global team of design specialists, we provide the market with an end-to-end service offering for sustainable packaging design.

Completely new sustainable design solutions based on consumer usage journey

  • 2D and 3D design solutions
  • Consumer testing
  • Lean manufacturing evaluations and resource efficiency modelling



The Paper Cup Recycling and Recovery Group (PCRRG)

Since 2014, we’ve been facilitating and supporting the Paper Cup Recycling and Recovery Group (PCRRG), a unique voluntary collaboration that brings together organisations from across the value chain, from manufacturers to retailers and the recycling sector – often seen as an industry best practice standard.

This group has delivered substantial change in the marketplace, through a series of ambitious programmes of work that collectively deliver on the group’s manifesto to increase recycling collections and infrastructure. In 2020, the group achieved its manifesto by obtaining OPRL labelling recognition thanks to the efforts of increasing recycling points available to consumers across the UK. The group recognises there is more to do and continues to increase awareness among consumers about cup recycling and increase collections and recycling rates.  

For more information please email the PCRRG

Circularity – Featuring Special Guests From Merck KGaA

Lisa Grice is joined by special guests from the life sciences division of multinational Merck KGaA and Anthesis colleague Richard Peagam to discuss all things circular economy.

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Circular Economy Graph

Supplier Engagement: Empowering Suppliers to create more Sustainable Supply Chains

Watch the webinar recording to understand why engaging and empowering your suppliers is crucial to creating more resilient, future-proof supply chains, how businesses are thinking about this issue today, and what challenges they’re facing.

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