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Packaging Target Setting, Strategy, and Action Plans

Enabling the transition of packaging to become compatible with a circular economy requires the identification and design of strategies and solutions that unlock sustainable packaging performance.

We support clients with:

  • Setting and revising targets – We use analysis of packaging data, competitor benchmarking and our expertise in the regulatory, supply chain, consumer and technological landscape surrounding packaging to help our clients set achievable goals in line with their sustainability ambitions.
  • Hotspot analysis – We can conduct a ‘hotspot’ analysis to identify where there is a greater urgency to change and the greatest potential to improve, e.g. ‘problematic’ packaging, such as multi-laminated flexible plastic packaging, to generate the greatest sustainability impact.
  • Strategy, road maps and action plans – Anthesis can help to develop a roadmap and action plan to help you reach your packaging targets. This will involve assessing the impact that different interventions will have on your packaging portfolio, considering the product, packaging type and market geography.
  • Partnership recommendations – Anthesis can help identify which partners are best placed to help you achieve your packaging targets. For example, this can involve investing and/or collaborating to ensure packaging is designed for recyclability and recycled in practice.
  • Data management and software tools – Improved data management can dramatically improve your ability to measure and track your progress to targets. Anthesis’ software solutions and analysts can work with you to upgrade and streamline your internal data infrastructure and capabilities. We can also create bespoke software solutions based on your existing data infrastructure and data collection and packaging reporting needs.
  • Socialisation and training – Anthesis can develop training and communication programmes to help publicise and gain buy-in for your packaging sustainability strategy from both internal and external stakeholders. We can deliver this in a variety of effective ways, such as videos, presentations, and workshops. Anthesis can facilitate workshops using tools to create successful online discussions.

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