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Waste Footprinting

Supporting organisations to quantify waste generated through operations, supply chains and products

What is a Waste Footprint?
The amount of waste an organisation generates through sourcing ingredients and materials, manufacturing and processing, and transportation

With increasing regulatory, investor and consumer pressure, companies are setting targets to minimise their impact, both from resource use and carbon perspective.

Companies are voluntarily disclosing under frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

As companies look to make significant reductions in their carbon emissions, and focus turns to Scope 3, companies need to understand the impact of their products in order to make better decisions and reduce impact.

How can Anthesis support Waste Footprinting?

Anthesis supports companies to understand how much waste they produce across their own operations, from offices to manufacturing, distribution and retail, as well as the waste generated by their products and packaging at the end of life. We can also help to engage stakeholders to analyse how much waste is generated in the supply of products.

By understanding where we can make the biggest impact and influence, both upstream and downstream, we can create a roadmap to improve operational efficiency, including reducing cost. This includes:

  • Influencing suppliers and designing products to minimise downstream impact and improving reputation amongst consumers
  • Understanding how products and packaging are likely to be disposed of across the markets to reduce scope 3 emissions


What does Anthesis offer?

  • Process flows: Supporting organisations to understand their waste inputs and outputs as well as within its value chain
  • Packaging footprinting: Packaging footprint calculations to create a base for a packaging strategy and to allow organisations to track their progress
  • Waste Modelling, data visualisation and monitoring: Developing digital tools to visualise waste footprinting and to track progress towards goals
  • Circular economySupporting organisations to understand opportunities to embrace circular economy within their operations and supply chain

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