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Value Chain Water Footprinting & Accounting

Using Water Footprinting and Accounting to calculate your water impact

water challenges in districts

A hot spot analysis visualisation of water footprints


What is a Water Footprint? 

A water footprint measures the total volume of freshwater used directly and indirectly to run and support a business.


Our Water Footprinting & Water Accounting Services

Anthesis provides a comprehensive approach to better understand water-related impacts across business operations. Baselining water-related performance aids in assessing risks and opportunities, meeting business needs while ensuring long-term sustainability of local watersheds, preserving water quality, ensuring license to operate, managing reputational issues, identifying relevant stakeholders, and building trust in local communities.

  • Water Footprinting
  • Water Accounting
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Supplier Surveys
  • Inventory Management Plan (IMP)
  • Hot Spot Analysis
  • Water Data Review
  • Software Tools
  • Data Illustrations and Tools

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