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ESG Data, Monitoring & Reporting

Harnessing data to create clear ESG narratives

Access to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data is essential to allow Financial Institutions (FIs) to effectively manage ESG and demonstrate compliance with both voluntary frameworks and regulatory obligations. But data alone cannot always tell the whole story, and clear supporting narratives are still required to and enhance its brand proposition.

How Anthesis can support ESG data management plans

Anthesis is expert in supporting clients with:

  • Identifying key data sets based on compliance and/or materiality grounds
  • Hands-on assistance to help clients access and validate the required data and select and implement data collection software to accelerate collection and analysis
  • Benchmarking current performance and providing valuable data analytics such as calculating organisations’ carbon footprints
  • Reviewing and implementing the processes and internal controls needed to meet regulatory non-financial reporting requirements
  • Presenting data sets to stakeholders
  • Helping management teams and their owners or lenders by monitoring performance and coaching them through the improvement process to deliver against key performance indicators and targets

In addition, Anthesis has extensive experience of supporting clients to develop compelling sustainability reports and other communications collateral, helping them to develop approaches to leverage their ESG strategy for brand and marketing purposes. Increasingly this needs to ensure the risk of accusations of greenwashing are considered from the outset.

Transparency and communication are central to ESG management

Anthesis supports the communication of the key data sets and narrative on performance to stakeholders.

We can also support with voluntary reporting requirements, and regulatory obligations.

Regulatory obligations

  • TCFD: Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
  • SFDR: Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation
  • NFRD: Non-Financial Reporting Directive
  • CSRD: Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (EU)
  • SEC: Securities and Exchange Commission (US)

Voluntary reporting requirements

  • UN PRI: UN Principles of Responsible Investment
  • CDP: Climate Disclosure Project
  • GRI: Global Reporting Initiative
  • GRESB: Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark


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