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Group Purpose Development | Food and Beverage Client

February 4, 2021 | Case Study,

You helped us answer the biggest challenge: understanding what social value creation really means, and how it is meaningfully delivered and measured.

Global Head of Corporate Communications


Our client is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, operating hundreds of brands across 150+ countries, and touching billions of lives every day. In 2016, the client’s board committed to articulating a company purpose that could both encapsulate the contribution the company makes to the world and serve as a commitment and inspiration for the future. This purpose should ultimately reflect and guide every aspect of the company’s operations, innovation and communications.



Over the course of a year, members of the Anthesis team supported the client’s senior leaders with a process of purpose discovery and articulation rooted in the long history of the business, and the future needs the company will serve. The process involved broad internal and external stakeholder consultation, focusing on both the core ideas of the purpose, and the ultimate impact and delivery that would require, yielding an elevated purpose statement underpinned by an actionable impact framework for the entire group.



  • The board committed to a singular articulation of purpose
  • A framework of common values to guide all people globally
  • An impact framework guiding engagement across individuals and families, communities and the planet

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