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Circularity and End of Life Solutions

Integrating circular economy principles into your business model

Our services can go beyond a single organisation. Anthesis facilitate and coordinate the PCRRG, a membership group for businesses addressing issues of sustainability in the paper cup supply chain.

A circular economy is an alternative to the traditional linear economy of take–make–dispose, which fails to fully utilize the potential in many products and services.  It could help tackle the climate emergency, decrease resource scarcity and dependence on single use plastics and increase business sustainability.

Taking circular economy thinking and implementing it successfully into your business can be challenging. We can support you to integrate circular economy principles into your own business model, identify opportunities and subsequently improve your brand reputation.

How we implement circular economy into your business model

  • LCA, options assessment and development – achieved through initiatives such as best practice research, stakeholder engagement, life cycle assessments and cost benefit analysis to inform your list of options.
  • Trials and initiatives –  implementing and developing trials to test the viability of different options for business-wide implementation.
  • Strategy development – working with key stakeholders to map out a strategy based on the company’s performance, aspirations and current business practices.
  • Certification – helping organisation’s to achieve environmental certification and communicate their environmental footprint.
  • End-of-Life Solutions – implementing and advising on end-of-life solutions to help clients achieve circularity in supply chains, including product take-back programs, recycling and reuse guidance and waste audits.

The above list is not exhaustive of our services, with our expertise expanding across topics such as waste management, plastics, packaging and the secondary commodities market.

Find out how we implement circular economy for local authorities


Being part of the ECAP [European Clothing Action Plan] project has increased our understanding of our fibre footprint, and helped us set clear goals and start tracking against them. We have a much clearer picture about what we need to do to convert unsustainable materials into better options.

Åsa Andersson
Sustainability and Quality Manager
Peak Performance

We chose to work with Anthesis, who from the start have demonstrated their ability to manage complex and moving workstreams and their expertise in advanced recycling technology processes, waste management infrastructure, and data analysis and visualization. We value their thought partnership and are continually impressed with the depth and detail in their work and presentations.

Paula N. Luu
Project Director, Center for the Circular Economy, Closed Loop Partners
Closed Loop Partners

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