Compliance and Governance Audit

Anthesis Compliance Data Collection is a free spreadsheet based tool to facilitate data capture and conversion between industry standard formats including IEC 62474, IPC 1752 v1.1 and IPC 1752A. This tool alleviates the common barriers to efficient data exchange and promotes reuse of declarations across the supply chain. The Anthesis CDC is IPC1752A certified.

Product compliance can be challenging for many businesses. Obtaining accurate and future proofed compliance while government regulations and customer demands continue to evolve makes it difficult for in-house teams to keep up with requirements.

The Anthesis Product Compliance team includes project managers, subject matter experts, software developers, and our outsource services team. We have deep industry experience and excel in understanding the goals of the business, delivering cost effective services, and implementing the right IT solutions to automate compliance management.

How we do it

  • Providing validation services through our team of chemical engineering analysts and product compliance specialists, particularly around topics such as conflict minerals, RoHS, REACH, WEEE and Extended Producer Responsibility.
  • Training and support for your suppliers to enable them to submit full material disclosure data.
  • Automating the supply chain data collection process through our cloud based software.
  • Providing flexible Business Process Outsourcing support to meet the needs of your business requirements.
  • Policy positioning.
  • Obtaining license to market under REACH, TSCA and Korean REACH.

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Key People

Lisa Grice
Executive Director, North America
Debbie Hitchen
Associate Director, UK
Helen Kean
Technical Director, UK
Claudia Amos
Technical Director, UK
Berta Mota
Circular Economy Manager, Anthesis Lavola
Jason Gooden
Executive Director and Information Solutions Lead, North America

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