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Product Sustainability Impact Assessments

Helping brands to create better and more sustainable products

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Create powerful management dashboards that visualise your sustainability hotspots at an operational, product or business unit level using our partner tool, Footprinter. This could include analysis of elements such as carbon, water, waste, food waste, energy and packaging.

Met with rising consumer demands and increased regulatory scrutiny, brands are feeling the pressure to adapt their product range to more sustainable, recyclable and reusable alternatives. Many have set ambitious targets, while others have joined forces with NGOs to tackle existing waste. The overall goal is clear, though: brands need to create better products.

Anthesis Group’s offer is unique. Our combination of world-class expertise and cutting-edge technology enables us to deliver clear insights that make sustainable choices straightforward. Our team will ensure you avoid unintended consequences and balance your carbon footprint with materials that are better for the environment.

Our Product Sustainability Impact assessments include:

  • Procurement analysis – we review spend and sales data to evaluate the sustainability impact of your product portfolio. This baseline can provide evidence to support change management programmes and inform goal-setting exercises.
  • Hotspotting risks and opportunities – often conducted alongside a procurement analysis, we identify your biggest impacts by volume or revenue. This can incorporate focused assessments of products in your supply chain that pose greater risk or opportunity.
  • Footprinting and life cycle assessments – we evaluate the environmental impacts of your product and packaging choices. By using a suite of software tools to maximise data quality, our team can help you make sustainable choices for your customers and requirements. We can use a number of in-house and partner tools, including Footprinter, and are licensed distributors of SimaPro software.
  • Cost benefit analysis – we calculate return on investment using environmental, social and economic indicators. Our scope can encompass regulation or compliance issues and research and development into new options, opportunities and innovation.
  • Market insights – we evaluate the market and competitor landscape to ensure compliance and sector leadership. These reviews are often used by our clients to inform solutions and goal-setting exercises.
  • Circular economy metrics – we create product and corporate datasets using bespoke or publicly available circular economy tools, such as those aligned with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
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Anthesis has been instrumental in helping us quantify our carbon footprint and understand where our biggest opportunities lie over the years. This long-term support has allowed us to reach carbon neutrality and maintain our status as the UK’s most ethical water brand – an essential part of what Belu stands for.

Nolan Wright
Head of Operations, Belu Water
Belu Water

It’s FIRA’s aim to make carbon accounting as easy as possible so that others can concentrate on reducing their footprint. No more spreadsheets or struggling to find conversion factors, the Furniture Footprinter™ tool [developed by Anthesis] provides a full web-based solution backed up by the experience of Europe’s leading footprint specialists.

Bruce Lovell
Consultant, FIRA

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